Enspire Solutions was contracted to perform vulnerability and blast analysis for several building in multiple countries to determine the feasibility of establishing a new national chancery/embassy location. The analysis result was used to evaluate the adequacy of the location by the end user.  During this project Enspire Solutions performed the following tasks:

  • Complete a blast load analysis for a villa located inside a condensed urban environment with multiple complex threat vectors. The analysis was conducted using a computational fluid dynamic modelling to account for the effects of the urban environment on the expansion of the blast waves.
  • Design of protected solutions for a high-rise modern structure with a national embassy occupying several of the floors. The design provided protective measures against VBIED detonations at a standoff and in close distance. The work included the performance of vulnerability analysis and quantitative risk-based design of protective measures. Working alongside the project architect, the project has entered its implementation stage.
  • Vulnerability analysis for two building sites in South America to determine and quantify the vulnerability and risk profile for each structure. Upon completion of this stage, Enspire Solutions implemented the appropriate mitigation measures to ensure the long-term safety of the occupants.