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Working closely with the client, we apply our experience in weapons effects and knowledge of mitigation measures together with our engineers and designers to advise and present our clients with a body of evidence upon which to select the most beneficial solution that will satisfy the client's mission objective.

Physical Protection Advisory Services

Unlock our experience and expertise.

Clients worldwide have benefited from consultancy and advice provided by our principals and our consultants. Ranging from audits and strategic concepts through to design, project, and construction management, we leverage our multi-disciplinary team and our extensive track record having completed many high-profile projects.

Blast + Ballistic Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis

Helping you to pass the test and future proof your outcomes.

Our threat and vulnerability analysis incorporates the latest methodologies, computational methods, and international standards. Our extensive experience in conducting, participating, and documenting full-scale blast tests provides a unique understanding of risk.

Our expert team have notched up unrivalled practical experience in the understanding of weapons effects on structures which is used to enhance its quality of proposed vulnerability reduction methods.

In addition to specialists in building design and materials science, our inhouse experts include former senior personnel from the UK military and Metropolitan Police Service.

For vulnerability reduction proposals, we conduct a Quantitative Risk Design Optimisation Analysis that allows the client to better understand possible options and their impact on the project schedule, cost, risk, and performance. Our Risk Based Design Optimisation method has proven repeatedly that designing the protection within a wider context of the project, including for example Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, resulted in a significant cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Keeping you on the move

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is a protective security discipline focussing on reducing risks associated with vehicle borne threats posed by terrorists and criminals, and where appropriate, is included in our Quantitative Risk Design Optimisation Analysis and Risk Based Design Optimisation. HVM is the effective delivery of measures that are informed by the threat and how it manifests itself, the multiple consequences of an attack, the vulnerability of a given location and the needs of the enterprise requiring protection. The bases of HVM are security risk assessments, security planning, and design and the deployment of risk-based measures. HVM Measures are the integrated deployment of security processes, procedures and physical obstructions to counter vehicle borne threats. They include but are not limited to; deterrent communications, security awareness, incident response planning and training, operational security, and the deployment of physical obstructions such as vehicle security barriers.

Specialist Architectural consultancy and planning

Building on safety

Our portfolio includes a range of built assets from tall buildings in urban settings and transport hubs to critical infrastructure and military facilities. Led by our principal Architectural Blast and Design Consultant, our team Enspire Solutions has performed protective design consultancy services for various design projects worldwide.

Working closely with the project design teams, Enspire Solutions applies its experience in weapons effects and mitigation design together with its Engineers and Designers to advise the team with the best suitable options. Enspire Solutions has worked on numerous prestigious buildings and high net worth individual projects.

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Trials + Testing

Proof of performance

Enspire Solutions have a proven track record of leading and delivering research and development programmes for innovative protective technologies and solutions. In the last 10 years, Enspire Solutions have led programmes of the following types:

  • Providing specialist technical advice to Government bodies.
  • Managing and executing R&D programmes for private companies.
  • Initiating, managing, and executing in-house R&D programmes.

Research and Development

Centre of Excellence

As an innovation-led company, Research and Development is part of our DNA. It is at the core of what we do. Challenging, investigating, and developing new approaches, methodologies and services ensures we remain at the forefront of setting standards in our core market.

Our team have a proven track record of leading and delivering research and development programmes that ultimately shape the future of protection products, services, and solutions.

Our staff have played a leading technical role in performance of multinational R&D programmes for force protection solutions and technologies. Programmes include annual performance of full-scale explosive tests for various government and private organisations. For example, these programmes comprise the coordination, and joint work with the UK Ministry of Defence, The UK Centre of the Protection of National Infrastructure, and the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs.

Enspire Solutions principals have worked with leading solution provider companies worldwide to initiate, manage, and execute programmes for the development of innovative physical protection solutions. Amongst these are:

  • Ballistic window design
  • Blast resistance glass curtain wall system
  • Retrofit of existing masonry wall to blast and ballistic threats
  • Precast concrete deployable protected structures
  • Blast resistance lightweight wall panel system
  • Retrofit of Windows to mitigate against blast effects
Publicly accessible locations Marauding Firearms Attack risk analysis

Close quarters

The protection of crowded space is inherently difficult as well as being an attractive ‘soft’ target. Enspire Solutions can help you maximise the safety of any space from terrorism through a variety of methods including environmental design and the management of such spaces.

Transport hubs, sports stadia, shopping centres, cinemas and nightclubs are a few spaces that have the capacity to hold large crowds of people, who by virtue of being in that crowd can unfortunately become a target as has been evidenced from around the world.

As a result, developers of these crowded spaces will be expected to pay attention to the safety and security of these areas to ensure they are afforded the maximum protection.

Marauding terrorist attacks (MTA), or close-quarter attacks, are now a known and frequently used terrorist tactic. They can involve the use of firearms or, increasingly, knives and even hazardous substances. Attackers will be drawn to targets with a high human density, as these allow terrorists to be economical and efficient by maximising the number of casualties with a limited amount of ammunition.

Analysis of recent MTA incidents indicates that individuals will react in several ways, thereby making control of an incident challenging.

Although the detection and deterrence of terrorist attacks is the priority, MTA events usually occur with no actionable warning. Organisations must therefore act quickly and correctly to minimise the impact of an incident.

Typically, the strategies adopted will be based around the “Run, Hide, Tell” approach of dynamic lockdown approach.

We have developed and implemented a quantitative risk assessment approach that has enabled clients to make informed decisions on where best to introduce effective mitigation measures. Upon request, Enspire Solutions can also design, manufacture and install bespoke mitigation measures.

Expert Witness

Cost Effective Analysis/Value Engineering

Investigation, litigation, internal or public enquiry…all demand evidence-based analysis and strength and depth of experts. Our combined team fields a powerful line up of experts from architecture, building design, construction, the military, and police. We can provide written opinions and, if required, site visits and provide  specialist consultancy services.   

Design for manufacture

Prepared with precision

Our solutions benefit from the fact that our designs process starts at the early concept stage and through active collaboration with our in-house engineering teams we have a comprehensive understanding of the entire manufacturing process. Our Group in-house capability comprises bespoke and volume manufacture.  

Independent Design + Peer Review

Objective achieved

As expert design and concept specialists respected by renowned fellow professionals, membership of RSES with an unrivalled track record in provision of protection solutions, we are often asked to provide independent design and peer review of other companies work which is testimony to the high esteem in which we are held.

Prototype + volume manufacturing

Made to measure

Our solutions benefit from the fact that our design process starts at the early concept stage and through active collaboration with our in-house engineering teams we have a comprehensive understanding of the entire manufacturing process. Our Group in-house capability comprises bespoke and volume manufacture.

Project management

Collaboration and faultless delivery

Our multidisciplinary line-up makes us ideally suited to work as project managers, from concept and design phase through to construction and commissioning. Our worldwide track record includes numerous projects ranging from data centres and critical infrastructure facilities to embassies and airports. We can fulfil management and execution or management of contractors to ensure delivery to meet specifications, timeline, and budget. 

Structural analysis

Stress relief

From evaluation and analysis of materials and structures either pre-build or post-event, our expert multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and construction professionals can provide calculations, analysis, testing and recommendations for a range of structural requirements.

Recognition of firearms and explosives training

Tactical support

RFX training courses are tailored to meet client’s specific requirements and include the recognition of firearms, their component parts as well as explosive devices. Our courses are recommended for Emergency Services workers who could be called to incidents where either firearms or explosives are found or suspected.



As a world-class protection consultancy and solutions business, we have earned an enviable reputation for our understanding of the problem space and our ability to rapidly innovate a solution. Based on the ethos that one size does not fit all, we are continuously challenging conventional approaches, enhancing and innovating to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest thinking.

Rapid deployed protective structures

Fast track

Backed by Enspire Group’s state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities we can offer a range of Rapid Deployed Defensive structures including but not limited to the following prototypes:

  • Outpost designed to be deployed rapidly in the field to provide immediate protection to soldiers.
  • Guard Room / Check Point. Our Frontier Guard Room/Check Point provides a fully protected 360-degree view to its occupants.
  • Our Frontier Office Module provides a protected habitable environment for up to 6 personnel.
  • Our Observation / Control Tower provides maximum level of protection against direct attack from assault rifles, automatic weapons, pistols, and fragmentation from artillery shells. Typical applications include borders and crossings, Outposts, Entry Control Points, Check Points, rallies, and Assemblies.
  • Mobile Ballistic Protected Guard Room

For threat mitigation assignments we have developed quantitative risk design optimisation analysis which enables our clients to better understand their options and importantly the impact on project schedule, cost, risk, and performance.

Our Risk Based Design Optimisation methodology has proven repeatedly that designing the protection within a wider context of the project results in reduced cost, increased efficiency and enables the client to maximise their return on investment – having quantified the risks, we place the physical protection where the client receives maximum benefit.

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